Easy & Beautiful French Macarons

Easy & Beautiful French Macarons

November 1st, now is the time to start thinking, preparing, and looking forward to the Holiday Season. I am absolutely Crazy about the Holidays! The music, atmosphere, decorations, snow (Yep in Montreal, Canada we get a lot!) but mostly for the sharing of animated meals with the one's I love. Including some sweet sweet desserts :)

Since I'm French Canadian and spent a lot of time in France let's go all out starting with French Macarons. I adore them for various reasons:

  • There are no limits to the varieties and colors and flavors of Macarons. Sky is the limit!
  • If you follow the recipe, easy to make ( I have included a Video)
  • What a great gift! Place them in a cute little box and Voilà!



Naturally, we have the best silicone bakeware to make it even easier. A great Non-Stick Silicone Mat designed espacially for macarons and cookies and a Fantastic Silicone Pot for perfect disposition of your mixture.



 Here's the Video. Just click & Enjoy :)


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  • Isabelle Menard
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