Silicone Bakeware & Great Recipes

6 Yummy French Macarons Recipe

6 Yummy French Macarons Recipe 0

 It's no secret that I Loooove Macarons! As a French Canadian who spent many years in France working in Bakeries Management I got to appreciate these little sweet bouchées.

Don't be scared to make them. Follow the instructions. And Have Fun! There's no limit to the variations that can be done. Here's a video of 6 Yummy Version of French Macarons.

Easy Weekly High Protein Vegan Meal Preperation

Easy Weekly High Protein Vegan Meal Preperation 0

Being a Mom of 4, I now have 2 of my sons that are Vegans. I see the benefits. And, quite frankly, I'm transforming my way of eating also. Meaning that cooking and baking are getting to be also more important (that's one reason I created SILIBAK).

It's all about preperation and quality ingredients. Here's a fabulous one week Vegan Meals Preparation Video.

Crazy Caramel Carrot Cake

Crazy Caramel Carrot Cake 0

With a stunning -38 degree celcius today in Montreal (Canada), what better confort dessert than a Fabulous Caramel Carrot Cake. It's to die for!

Easy to make. Follow the Video!

Enjoy :)

All you need to know about Silicone Bakeware

All you need to know about Silicone Bakeware 0

I know that Silicone Bakeware is new for many home cooks and bakers. That's why I had my friend Rosanna answer the most frequent questions about using our Silicone Molds. Enjoy!
Fast Candy Corn Cake

Fast Candy Corn Cake 0

I was in a hurry. A BIG hurry. I needed to have this cake done and be out the door in less than an hour! For once I was invited to an only grown-up evening. I wanted to bring a WOW Cake but it had to be done like super easely!

So I used all box mixes (which is fine with me!) and canned frosting (yes I did!).

I am a huge proponent of supporting peoples choices in baking… if you want and have time to make frosting please go ahead. Heck, I would support and encourage you for choosing to bake. But as a single mom of 4 big kids, if i can save time and still bake something good, I'm going for it!

Easy Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Easy Chocolate Crinkle Cookies 0

These simple, chewy, chocolaty little cookies are supremely satisfying and perfect for the Holiday Season. And the best part  you can Roll and Freeze the cookies for up to 3 months, then bake from frozen!