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United Way Partnership

When I opened SILIBAK my first objective was to offer the world Fabulous Bakeware Products that would not only be better for us humans and our environment, but to do it at an affordable price. Baking Healthy should not be only for the more fortunate.

As the months went by, I started to reflect on the big WHY of my desire to be an Entrepreneur. It came quite clear that it was about making this world a better place. And that I could do it not only by offering my products to the world but by being able to give away to the most in needs.

That's why I decided to partner with United Way/Centraide Canada. People yes do need food. But they very often need something to bake their food. And that's where SILIBAK comes in!

For every 100$ of SILIBAK Products sold, I will donate a 3 Pcs Kit to United Way. So know, that when you purchase any great item from us, you also help make this world a better place for a family in need. How Fantastic!

The donation will occur in the month of December to help with the Christmas Baskets that United Way does the distribution every year. Hoping to lighten some hearts in this period of festivities.

Making this world a better place, together.

With love,


Founder & Owner - SILIBAK